What Temperature to Cook Pancakes At?

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Pancakes are one of those things that everyone loves to make in the morning.  They come in all different varieties and flavors, and there’s a ton you can do with a pancake.

Today we are going to talk about what temp to cook pancakes at.  If you want to learn more about cooking pancakes in general, don’t miss our favorite pancake tips.

This guide will have you cooking the prefect pancake in no time at all!  Figuring out what temperature to cook your pancakes at can be one of the most difficult things about making pancakes.

What Temperature to Cook Pancakes At

The temperature you cook pancakes at is actually quite a complex question, and it depends on a couple of things.

First of all, do you have an infrared thermometer for your pancake pan like this?

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If so, then things are easy.  Cook your pancakes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit on the stove.

If your pancakes are not as brown as you would like, consider increasing the temperature gradually to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, chances are you may not have an infrared thermometer handy, so let’s take a look at a couple of other ways to figure out the best pancake cooking temperature.

What Temp to Cook Pancakes on the Stove

Here’s how you can figure out what temp to cook pancakes at without a thermometer.  This really comes back to what heat do you cook pancakes on.

First of all, consider the burner you are using.  It is a large burner on your stove, or a smaller burner?

If you are using a larger burner, start with a low temperature.  Make sure you let your pancake pan heat up first.  You can heat up your pancake pan on medium heat and then turn it down to low.

If you are using a smaller burner, then you would want to use more of a medium low heat, and preheat your pancake pan on medium high heat.

How to Tell When Your Pancake Pan is Ready

If you want to tell when your pancake pan is ready, simply throw a few drops of water on the pan and listen for a sizzle.

Also, you can put a drop of pancake batter on the pan, and I mean just a small drop.  If you can move the drop of batter easily after 10-20 seconds and it does not stick to the pan, you are ready to cook some pancakes!

What Temperature to Cook Pancakes on a Griddle

Great question, and it all depends on what type of griddle you are using.

If you are using a griddle that goes on your stove, then follow the directions we just talked about for the stove.

Remember to pay special attention to the size of your burners if your griddle crosses two different types of burners, so the pancakes cook evenly across the whole griddle.

What Temp to Cook Pancakes on an Electric Griddle

This depends on what type of electric griddle you have.  Don’t miss our favorite electric griddles for pancakes right here!

If your griddle has a number on it, set your griddle to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  If your pancakes are not brown enough for you, you can slowly turn that up to 400.

If your griddle has high-medium-low settings, start with medium low heat.

The important thing with an electric pancake griddle is to make sure you give the griddle enough time to heat up.

Essential Pancake Tools

If you are ready to make some pancakes, here are some of the essential pancake tools you will need.

Pancake Mixes

Here are some of our favorite pancake mixes, there is something here for every diet!

Pancake Pans and Griddles

Here are some of our favorite pancake pans and griddles:

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How to Get Round Pancakes

Now here is my secret weapon I use to get the most round, perfectly shaped pancakes there are.  You probably aren’t expecting it.

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I use my muffin scoop to get perfect pancakes, and many other things in the kitchen besides just making cupcakes and muffins.  This is a great gift for any chef and a must have if you love to cook!

The Best Temperature to Cook Pancakes At

Depending on what tools you have available to you, it can be hard to figure out the best temp to cook pancakes at.

When it comes to what temp to cook pancakes, 375 degrees Fahrenheit should be your starting point.  This is a good thing to know if you have an electric griddle or thermometer for your pan.

If you don’t have either of these things, don’t worry!  You are still on your way to perfectly cooked pancakes.

Preheating your pan or griddle is also an essential step.

If you are using a pan or griddle on your stove, it depends on the burners you are using.

For larger burners, use low heat, but you can preheat with medium heat.

For smaller burners, use medium low heat, but you can preheat with medium high heat.

For an electric griddle, use medium heat to start with.

I hope this guide has helped you find the best temp for pancakes, no matter how you are going to cook them.  The good news is after you figure out the perfect settings for your griddle or pancake pan, you are set.

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