The Best Pans for Pancakes

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There is no pan I use more in my house than my pancake pan.  I eat pancakes every single morning for breakfast.  Why?  Simple.  They are delicious, easy to prepare in large batches, and easy to reheat for breakfast.

I found the best pan for pancakes through a lot of trial and error, and I learned a lot in the process.

I read article upon article about pancake pans, and you know what?  Some of the recommendations were just terrible.  When it comes to picking the best pancake griddle, there are a number of things that must be considered.

First, I want to show you the different options if you are looking for the best griddle pan for pancakes, and then we will look at how to pick the best pancake pan for your specific needs.

Best Pans for Pancakes and Best Pancake Griddle

Now, let’s take a look at the best pan for pancakes broken down five different ways.

Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes Best Copper Pan for Pancakes Best Two Burner Griddle for Pancakes Best Ceramic Pan for Pancakes Best Nonstick Pan for Pancakes
Manufacturer Gotham Steel Concord Cookware Gotham Steel GreenPan Circulon
Material Copper Copper Copper Ceramic Nonstick
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Best Griddle for Pancakes

This is my daily driver of a pancake pan.  It gets used a minimum of two times a week.

Besides being used for pancakes, I’ve also used it for steak sandwich meat, bacon, and well, just about anything else that I want to cook on a griddle like surface at home.

While the bottom is not pictured, I can tell you that it is flat with an indented metal insert – this means it will work on any type of stove, be it gas, electric, or induction.

I love this pan, however for some reason it does not have the Amazon Prime checkmark next to it, so I found another fantastic copper option as well.

However, if you do click the link, you will be taken to a prime option for checkout.  Go figure.

2020 Update – I treated myself to a new pancake pan this year!  Read on to see my new favorite.

Best Copper Pan for Pancakes

I found another great option for a copper pan for pancakes.  This pan by Concord Cookware has 12″ sides, versus the 10.5″ sides of the Gotham Steel pan I love so much.

As we all know, every bit of real estate matters when we are making pancakes so they don’t touch!

If you are a messy pancake maker like me, that extra room will go a long way.

Something important to note is that this pan is not suited for flat cooktops – if you have gas like I do or coiled electric you will be fine – but it will not be completely flat on a glass cooktop.

Best Two Burner Griddle for Pancakes

The only thing better than a griddle pan for pancakes is a two burner griddle.  I also have this griddle and I adore it for things like bacon, steak, hamburgers, steak sandwich meat, and well, almost everything.

It also reverses to a griddle that will give you nice grill lines on food, like doing a flank steak or hot dogs indoors in the winter.

I love this thing.  I bought it because I liked the first griddle pan for pancakes I had so much.  I use it all the time.

Best Ceramic Pan for Pancakes

If you are rolling your eyes at all of my copper suggestions don’t worry, I also have more recommendations.

This is the best pan for pancakes that is made out of ceramic you can get.  While I do not have this griddle pan, I do have other GreenPans that I adore.

It has 11″ sides, which means you should have plenty of room to cook four pancakes at a time.

I was a very early ceramic/GreenPan adopter, and the best part about this pan is it I have not been able to scrape it yet, and we all know durability can be downfall of ceramic pans.

Earlier this year I treated myself to a new pancake pan, and this Ceramic Green Pan is what I settled on.  I couldn’t be happier with it!

Best Nonstick Pan for Pancakes

While I do not usually cook with nonstick pans, the few I do have are made by Circulon.

Why?  Because of their unique design they are more nonstick than their counterparts, they are more durable than traditional nonstick pans, and they cook very evenly.

This is also an 11″ pan, which makes it a perfect candidate for four nice sized pancakes.

Why Copper Pancake Pans Are Great for Pancakes

As you can see, three of my recommendations are for copper pans.  I have no less than three copper pans and the copper griddle in my kitchen cabinets right now.

Copper is great because it is non stick, and does not scrape easily like many ceramics or other nonstick surfaces.

It also creates a great sear on meats, and nice golden browning on pancakes.

Why the Best Pans for Pancakes are Pancake Griddles

As you can see, all of my recommendations are for griddles that are flat with very low sides.  The low sides make it very easy to flip your pancakes, and the flat bottom keeps your pancakes in place.

I never make pancakes in traditional round pans.  They look funny because the batter slides if you try to squeeze too many pancakes in a pan and end up using the sides.

Square is the perfect shape for pancakes.  Each of these pans will get you four nice size pancakes or more smaller ones, and the large griddle will get you eight nice sized pancakes or more smaller ones.

Picking the Best Pans for Pancakes

All of the recommended pans for pancakes will make wonderful pancakes that are golden brown and well shaped.  The question comes down to which material you prefer as the coating on your pan: copper, ceramic, or non-stick.

Want to up your pancake game?  Check out the best electric griddles for pancakes here!

Because you can use a pancake pan for more than just pancakes, it is important to take into account the size of the pan as well.  Pancake pans are great for cooking things you would traditionally cook on a grill, or you would order from many diners or hamburger places.

Here is a recap of the best pans for pancakes:

Be sure to let us know about your favorite pancakes tips and tricks in the comments!

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