Best Grill Brush for Porcelain Enameled Grates

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Anyone who loves to grill will tell you picking the right grilling accessories is just as important as picking the right girl.  Your grill brush is one of the accessories you will use most, so it is important to buy the best one.

If you are using porcelain enameled grates for your grill, picking the right grill brush is even more important.  Remember, porcelain grill grates are metal with a tile like coating, which can be prone to chipping or scraping if not handled correctly.

Best Grill Brush for Porcelain Enameled Grates

Grill brushes come in a number of styles and materials.  When you are picking a grill brush for porcelain enameled grates this is especially important.

There are two types of grill brushes that are best for porcelain grill grates:

  • Wireless grill Brushes
  • Soft bristle grill brushes

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best grill brushes for your porcelain grates.

As you can see from this list, there are a number of different types of grill brushes that work best for grills with porcelain grates.

The key is none of them have wires, like the traditional grill brushes you may be used to.  If you are still using one of those, think of how hard those bristles are.  They are almost guaranteed to damage your porcelain grill grates.

That’s why we need to look at wireless grill brushes when it comes time to clean these grill grates that need a little bit more care.

We are going to break these down into two main categories:

  • Wireless grill brushes.  These don’t look like anything you may already be used to.
  • Nylon bristled grill brushes.  At first glance, they may look like they have wires, but those bristles are really nylon that won’t damage your grill grates.

Best Wireless Grill Brushes

When you are considering a wireless grill brush, there are a couple of things to consider like the shape of the brush, what the handle looks and feels like, and how many rows of cleaning material there are.

The main benefit of these wireless grill brushes is that you can use them on a hot grill, opposed to their nylon counterparts.

Kona Safe/Clean Grill Bush

Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush - Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush - 100% Rust Resistant Stainless Steel...
  • BRISTLE FREE GRILL CLEANING - PATENT PENDING - A great alternative to the KONA 360 CLEAN grill brush for people who do not want bristles. No sharp edges, and no need to worry about metal bristles falling out and this BBQ brush will not melt like nylon grill brushes. Unique design is 3 brushes in 1! FOR BEST RESULTS: Repeatedly dip brush in water during brushing hot grill to steam clean.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR ALL GRILL TYPES - Safe for Porcelain, Ceramic, Infrared, Weber, Char-Broil, etc. Keeps your grill looking shiny new!
  • LASTS 5X LONGER - 125% more rigid grill tool than a conventional brush. There are no bristles to wear down or fall off. Will not bend or become flimsy. The latest innovation in grill accessories.

This is a great grill brush all around.  It has two rows of cleaning material to get your grill super clean.

If you are hanging your grill brush from your grill, the handle of this brush is very plain, however it does the job well.

The only downside to grill brushes with so many rows of cleaning material is it is a bit hard to clean between the grill grates – but we have some other options when it comes to that.

Backyard Dudes BBQ Grill Cleaning Brass Brush

Backyard Dudes BBQ Grill Cleaning Brass Brush 16" -Made in USA -Heavy Duty Real Brass Extra Wide Two...
  • BBQ Grill Brass Brush 16” MADE IN USA 7 inches wide for Porcelain Charcoal, Gas, infrared
  • BBQ-GRILL BRUSH is easy to clean and DISHWASHER SAFE top rack
  • Perfect 16" size for smaller BBQ Grills, Take camping, Tail-Gate BBQ clean-up fast n easy

This next grill brush is all around a great brush.  It also comes in three different sizes – 12 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch so you can clean even the biggest grills.

As you can see, this brush has a single row of cleaning bristles.  If you look closer these are actually very soft bristles, so they are great for cleaning in between the grates, as opposed to some of the wireless mesh brushes

The handle is also nice looking for when it hang off the grill.

BBQ Grill Brush Set of 2

BBQ Grill Brush Set of 2, Safe Grill Cleaning Brush Stainless Steel Bristle Free with Scraper for...
  • [REMOVE GREASE EASILY] – With a unique design, the grill scraper can clean stubborn stains deeply and efficiently. Bristle design help to clean the stains between the gap of your grill grates.
  • [THE SAFEST GRILL BRUSH] – Clean your grill surface flawlessly, and remove any hazardous loose wire bristles from your grill grates, and you enjoy a TOTAL PEACE OF MIND while eating your favorite bbq.
  • [MAKE GRILL CLEANING EASIER] – You can use this bbq brush set to clean your gas grill, infrared grill, charcoal smoker, electric grill, etc, also suitable for any shape and material of grill grates, great for ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain grill grates.

The next grill brush recommendation for your porcelain enameled gates is actually a set of two brushes.

This set gives you the best of both worlds, a wireless mesh grill brush, and a soft bristled grill brush to clean in between the grates.

Each of these brushes can be used on a hot grill.

The only thing I do not like about this set is the metal scraper on one of the brushes.  Personally, I would never use a metal scraper on a porcelain enameled grill grate.

Nylon Grill Brushes

Remember, nylon brushes can only be used on COLD grill grates or they will melt.  They are a great option for a light cleaning before you start your grill.

Grillaholics Pro Nylon Grill Brush

Grillaholics Pro Nylon Grill Brush - Better Than a Bristle Free Grill Brush Nylon Bristle Brushes...
  • 🔥BRISTLE-FREE BRUSHES SIMPLY DO NOT CLEAN AS WELL AS A BRISTLED BRUSH. We get it. You want a clean grill without having to worry about your family's safety. Bristles are great for cleaning your grill, but are a HORRIBLE addition to your deliciously grilled meal. That’s why we created Grillaholics Nylon Grill Cleaning Brush. Our Cold-Scrub technology allows you to clean your grates without even needing to fire up the grill.
  • 🔥LET'S BE HONEST...GRILLAHOLICS KNOWS GRILL BRUSHES. With more grill brush choices than any other grilling accessories company on the market, why would you settle for anything less?!? Reengineered and BUILT TOUGH, never worry about breaking your grill brush again. At 18 inches, our brushes are long enough to keep you safe from heat, yet strong enough to demolish any burnt on food with ease.
  • 🔥NYLON IS 10X MORE DURABLE THAN TRADITIONAL STEEL BRUSHES. Metal bristles can bend and break over time. When compared in side-by-side scrub tests, nylon outlasts steel bristles 10X longer. Our grill brush is designed with maximum speed and efficiency in mind, so you can spend more time grilling and less time cleaning. Stop cleaning and start grilling.

I like this brush because it is the best of both worlds, it has the style of many of the wireless grill brushes with gentle nylon bristles.

Char-Broil Standard Nylon Bristle Brush

Char-Broil Standard Nylon Bristle Brush
  • Bright red, nylon bristles are 5X thicker for high visibility. Ideal for cleaning porcelain and chrome wire grids and cast iron grates
  • Fixed head features a multi-blade scraper for tough or difficult to remove debris and carbon deposits
  • Rugged, grit-infused bristles for increased cleaning ability without the safety concerns of wire bristles. Angled bristles to more effectively clean between and under grates.

Like some of the other options we looked at, this grill brush has a metal scraper which I would not personally use on my porcelain enameled grates.

It is also important to note that this brush cannot be used on a hot grill – the nylon will melt.  I think I have mentioned this three or four times, since I learned this lesson the hard way.

Picking the Best Grill Brush for Porcelain Grill Grates

Now that we looked at these four types of grill brushes in detail, let’s determine the best grill brush for you.

Here are a couple of things to remember:

Don’t scrape your porcelain grill grates with metal.

Many grill brushes come with metal scrapers, even if they are safe for porcelain grates.  If you think you will be tempted to scrape your grates out of habit, avoid these grill brushes.

Don’t use a nylon brush on a hot grill.

You will just melt your brush!  I tend to use my nylon brush to get off a layer of gunk on a cold grill, or while giving my porcelain grill grates a scrub with soap and water.

Because they are delicate, porcelain grill grates require a bit more care and attention when cleaning than stainless steel grates.

While cast iron grates do also require some extra attention, you can pretty much scrape them with anything and not worry about damaging them.

The Best Grill Brush for Porcelain Enameled Grates

I do not think there is a single best grill brush if you have porcelain enameled grill grates.  Just like for any other grill grates I have, I use a combination of brushes.

By selecting any combination of the brushes we have looked at, you can be assured your porcelain grill grates will be squeaky clean and ready to grill any time.


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