How to Make Fluffy Pancakes From a Box

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Here at Home Cooking Zone, we are dedicated to bringing you the best pancake tips.  Why? Simple.  We eat pancakes each and every single day.  We love pancakes, and we love to make them perfect.

Since we are gluten free, our go to pancakes from a box are King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Pancake Mix.

Here are some great pancake mixes, no matter what your diet is.

Don’t worry, our tips will work with any kind of pancakes from a box, no matter what they are.

When it comes to boxed pancake mix, you may feel like there isn’t anything special you can do, when in fact there is a secret to making fluffy pancakes that works no matter what kind of mix you use.

Today, I’m going to share with you the secret of how to make super fluffy pancakes from boxed mix.

How to Make Fluffy Pancakes From a Box

When it comes to how to make fluffy pancakes from a box there a few different things you can do.

  • Use less liquid
  • Make sure you are using cold liquid
  • Don’t over mix your pancake batter
  • Let the pancake batter sit 15 minutes before cooking
  • Make sure your pancake pan or griddle is preheated

Now, let’s take a closer look at why each of these tips works, and what makes pancakes fluffy.

Use Less Liquid for Fluffy Pancakes

A thicker batter makes a fluffier pancake.

This is because a thicker batter won’t spread out as fast in the pancake pan, allowing time for nice big air bubbles to form in the batter while your pancake cooks.

This of course makes your pancakes thicker and fluffier.

Start by reducing the liquid in your recipe by 2 Tablespoons, and experiment from there.

Make Sure You Are Using Cold Liquid

This tip for fluffy pancakes comes in to play if you are using non-dairy milk.

Non-dairy milk can sometimes behave differently in recipes.  If it is cold, it will perform more like dairy milk since that is always refrigerated.

I know I tend to forget to put a box of coconut milk beverage in the refrigerator sometimes, so I will reduce the liquid further if the non-dairy milk is warm.

Don’t Over Mix Your Pancake Batter

This goes against every intuition we have, but don’t over mix your pancake batter!

I know I want to break out the whisk and beat it until it is smooth, but over mixing your batter will make it harder for those air bubbles that give us super fluffy pancakes to form.

Let the Pancake Batter Sit 15 Minutes Before Cooking

After you mix your pancake batter, let it sit 15 minutes before cooking.  This will help it thicken, and we know this is important for fluffy pancakes!

This can be hard when everyone is hungry first thing in the morning, but it can really help if you can manage it.

Make Sure Your Pancake Pan or Griddle is Preheated

This is key to fluffy pancakes, since if you don’t have a hot pancake griddle your batter will just start to spread out instead of cooking.

The more it spreads, the thinner the pancake.  That’s why a thick batter is so important.

Don’t miss our guide to the best pancake pans and griddles for the stove top, and the best electric pancake griddles.

Other Tips for Fluffy Pancakes From Scratch

If you decide to move away from boxed mix and make pancakes from scratch, all of these tips apply.

The only good thing about fluffy pancakes from scratch is they are easier to obtain, since you can just add more flour to make the batter thicker.

All of these tips, like preheating your pan and not overtaxing are still very important to super fluffy pancakes.

What Makes Pancakes Fluffy

Now that we have talked about how to make pancakes fluffy, let’s talk about what makes pancakes fluffy.

There are a couple of things that make pancakes fluffy.

First of all it comes down to the ingredients in the pancake mix.  Even if you are buying a box of mix, they all have pretty much the same things in there.

One major ingredient is baking powder.  Baking powder causes a chemical reaction in things like cakes and pancakes when liquid is added.  This chemical reaction causes bubbles.

This chemical reaction continues throughout the cooking process of the pancakes, and as heat is applied, the bubbles get bigger.  That is why pancakes bubble as they are being cooked.

The bubbles create air pockets in the pancakes, which make them nice and thick and fluffy!

How to Make Fluffy Pancakes with Pancake Mix

The main point when it comes to fluffy pancakes from a box mix is it is all about batter thickness.  This batter thickness allows for bigger bubbles to form, making your pancakes fluffier.

Doing things like reducing liquid and using a pre heated pancake pan go a long way when it comes to boxed mix.  You can still get fluffy pancakes, even if you can’t control everything in your recipe.

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