Finding the Best Train Set for a 2 Year Old

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If you are looking for that special train set for your favorite 2 year old look no further.

For some strange reason, kids love trains.  I know mine do!  At the age of 2, you have a couple of important things to think about when buying the best rain set for your 2 year old.

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First of all, is the type of track.  Trust me, your train collection will only grow from here, so it is important to make sure you pick one or two types of tracks and standardize them now.

The most popular is a wooden train track that is interoperable with many types of brands if you play your cards right.

If you do now, you’ll be able to play with many many different types of trains for years to come, and have them all work together.

The second is what other toys your two year old is showing an interest in.

Finding the Best Train Set for a Two Year Old

Let’s look at some of my favorite train sets for two year olds, and why I like each of them.

Best Train Set for 2 Year Old Best Train Set for 2 Year Old With Bridge Best Plastic Train Set for 2 Year Old Best Deluxe Plastic Train Set for 2 Year Old Best Cost Effective Train Set for 2 Year Old
Manufacturer Brio Brio Lego Duplo Lego Duplo ToysOpoly
Material Wood Wood Plastic Plastic Wood and Plastic
More Information


Now, let’s look at our options.  They really break down to my two favorites: Brio and Lego Duplo.  Then, I also found another wooden option that is fantastic.

Brio Train Sets for Two Year Olds

The wooden train set area is jam packed with contenders, but Brio is hands down the best.  The construction is solid wood and stands up to even the roughest toddlers.

The sets you buy now can be interconnected with other sets for bigger kids as your child gets older, in fact, they can be connected with most major wooden railway sets.

If you are a stickler for the age on the box, Brio is hands down the way to go for your 2 year old.  In fact, they have wooden train sets for ages 18 months and up.

Brio WORLD Classic Figure 8 Set – Best Train Set for Any 2 Year Old!

This recommendation was my child’s first train set when they were two.  I can’t tell you how many hours we spent playing with this single set, which has now grown.

The track is very easy to assemble for two year olds.  There is a center piece, and all other pieces are curved and completely identical.

There is no wrong way to put this one together, so if your toddler is easily frustrated that is something to consider.

We were hooked by this one!

BRIO World Classic Deluxe Railway Set – The Best Set With Bridgets for Your Two Year Old

This Brio WORLD Classic Deluxe set is another set specifically for ages two and up. It also comes with some neat raised track that are like bridges.

The only down side to this fantastic set is that the track is a bit more difficult to assemble than the figure 8.

The raised bridge track is also more susceptible to distraction if your two year old is rather rambunctious.  Just something to consider.

Once you get started with Brio trains you will simply keep going.  Welcome to the world of Brio!

Lego Duplo Train Sets for Two Year Olds

The two year old age range can be a tough one for toys.  They are too big for baby toys, but too little for some of the advanced stuff.  Besides Brio, Lego Duplo caters to this age.

These Lego Duplo sets are all recommended for ages two and up.  While it is important to keep in mind what kind of train track you are getting started with, the Lego Duplo System is worth it if your child loves legos.

It is important to note that Legos are made of plastic.  Some people prefer not to use plastic toys, in which case Brio is hands down your best option.

LEGO DUPLO Steam Train – Best Plastic Train Set for 2 Year Old

This Lego Duplo steam train is a great starter set for any child.  It features a remote control, and even more Duplos an be added to the train and its car.

The Lego Duplo tracks are very easy to assemble, and are very durable.  They stay connected well even with the toughest of toddlers.


Best Deluxe Train Set for 2 Year Old, LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train

 This Lego Duplo Cargo Train Set is INSATE at 119 pieces.  It has everything your toddler has to get going with their new train set.

Not only does it have a train, but it also has a crane and a boat – it covers everything your toddler could ever want to do.

Plus you can add more Duplos for even more fun!

You can never go wrong with Lego Duplo!

Best Cost Effective Train Set for 2 Year Old

If you are new to the world of trains, you may have a little bit of sticker shock.  These things are not cheap, especially at the 2 year old age point.

Many train sets say ages three and up, not two, which like I said, leaves us in a bit of limbo.  Either you go up on the age a bit, or keep looking around.

 This option by ToysOpoly specifically calls out ages two years and up in its product description, making it a rarity in the wooden train space.

Plus, it is more cost effect than the Brio train AND it will work with the Brio track!

As your child gets older you will most likely see yourself mixing and matching wooden train tracks.

This brings me to my next point.

Why I Didn’t Recommend Thomas and Friends Sets

I have a love hate relationship with Thomas and Friends sets.  First of all, they changed to a proprietary wooden track a few years ago.  Thomas and Friends Wood is the current generation, and it does not work with Brio and other wooden systems without plastic adapters I am forever losing.

This is different than Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway, which is compatible with other wood brands like Brio.

My advice is don’t play the Thomas for tracks, unless there is a feature set your child must must have.  The adapters aren’t that great, especially on carpet.

The good news is the Thomas and Friends Wood trains themselves still work fine on other wooden tracks like Brio, so you can still get your child the characters they like.

The Thomas Sets also seem to be the most expensive, even more so than Brio which I find to be a better quality.

However, if you stumble upon any Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway in a store or at a garage sale, go ahead and pick that up!

The Best Train Set for 2 Year Olds

Two is a hard age to shop for, but you cannot go wrong with Brio or Lego Duplo options.  The options expand as your child ages, allowing you to mix and match many different wooden railway systems.

Be sure to let us know your favorite train sets for toddlers in the comments!

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