Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker

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If you really want to up your smoking game, vertical pellet smokers are your answer. Compared to horizontal pellet smokers, vertical pellet smokers are much easier to clean, maneuver around, and use overall.

Vertical smokers cook food faster than their counterparts, too, since their heat source is located directly below the cooking chamber.

Convenient, energy-saving, and portable—what more could you ask for?

We’re going to take a deep dive into the best-selling Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker, from its grilling performance to all the special features it comes with.

Is the Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker really worth all the hype?  Absolutely!

Let’s take a closer look at why.

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker Overview

The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is a wood pellet grill that features heavy-duty steel construction, cooking temperatures that range from 150° to 420°F, and fully programmable meat probes for greater cooking precision.

It’s exceptionally portable and has a relatively small footprint, making it a suitable addition to anyone’s backyard no matter the size.

Equipped with six cooking racks with porcelain-coated grid construction, the Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is well-loved for its versatile and easy-to-use nature. It can cook anything you throw at it, including briskets, ribs, pork chops, chicken, and even vegetables.

Thanks to its insulated walls and doors, this smoker holds temperatures inside its chambers like no other. It’s extremely well built, as well; unsurprising, since Louisiana Grills is a well-known brand that’s praised for its high-quality pellet smokers and grills.

The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker perfectly balances price and functionality. If you’re searching for a reliable “set and forget” smoker, this unit might be for you.

Product Specs

  • BTU value: 40,000
  • Number of cooking racks: 6
  • Grid construction: Porcelain-coated steel
  • Primary body: Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Finish: High-temp powder-coated finish
  • Barbecue material: Double walled insulated steel
  • Cooking temperature: 150° to 420°F
  • Hopper capacity: 55 lbs
  • Cooking space: 6.2 cubic feet
  • Weight: 143.3 lbs
  • Electricity: 110-120 Volt / 2.1 Amp / 50/60 hz / 250 w / 3 prong electrical appliance


The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is often compared to other well-known pellet smokers such as Pit Boss Grills, Masterbuilt, and Traeger.

What really makes it stand out from the rest, however, is its multiple specs and features. Here are some of the most noteworthy features that make the Louisiana Grills the top of its class.

Construction and Assembly

In terms of quality build and construction, Louisiana Grills really outdid themselves with this vertical smoker. It’s sleek and professional, made with a heavy-gauge steel body with a black powder coat.

The grill grates’ porcelain coating prevents grime and rust from sticking into the unit’s stainless steel body, allowing for quick and easy clean-up. It likewise protects the unit’s internal components from heat damage and retains heat for extended periods due to its insulating properties.

The Louisiana Grills Vertical Smoker is designed to hold up to 60 pounds of wood pellets, providing you more than 35 hours of solid heat. Unfortunately, the wood pellet hopper doesn’t have a dump-out feature, so you’ll need to remove excess wood pellets manually to keep them from breaking down during humid weather.

Assembly is effortless and straightforward. The instruction manual is easy to read and understand. The Louisiana Grills Vertical Smoker doesn’t have a lot of parts, so you won’t find it difficult to put together. Plus, all parts are labeled and all necessary tools are included in the box.

Smoking Performance

A grill’s smoking performance is what makes and breaks the product. Luckily, the Louisiana Grills Vertical Smoker exceeds our expectations and more.

Along with its precise digital controls, the Louisiana Grills Vertical Smoker is designed with a dual meat probe thermometer system.

These features allow you to dial in your desired temperature, from as low as 150°F and as high as 450°F. It also gives you the ability to check your food’s internal temperatures while cooking. No guesswork needed! Expect perfectly tender and mouthwateringly rich smoky flavors every time.

With a large cooking area of 2,059 square inches and six racks, this unit can cook just about anything you throw at it. There’s no limit to how many people you can invite over since this smoker is big enough to cook as much as you can afford.

Since it has the capacity to store up to 60 pounds of wood pellets, you can make 16-hour slow-smoked beef brisket without having to constantly replace the pellets. In fact, this smoker burns up to 24-36 full hours. Best of all, the amount of electricity required is minimal, so you don’t have to worry about your electric bills at the end of every cooking session.

Ease of Cleaning

If you’ve ever owned a pellet grill, you’re likely familiar with how challenging it is to clean. Louisiana Grills acknowledges this difficulty by making this vertical smoker super easy to maintain.

The glass door comes off without too much of a hassle and pops right back in when you’re done cleaning. The firebox isn’t buried below heat shields, grates, and drip trays like it normally is. Most importantly, the grates and dripping pan slide out easily even when it’s full.

Since the grates are made of porcelain coating, you won’t have to worry about scrubbing them clean for an extended period.

Clean-up is quick, easy, and doesn’t take any effort whatsoever!


  • Large viewing window
  • 6 porcelain-coated racks and 4 chrome-coated smoking racks
  • High-temperature capacity
  • Large wood pellet hopper
  • Dual meat probes and digital control center included
  • Durable construction
  • Backed up with 5-year warranty


  • Doesn’t come with sausage hooks
  • Isn’t compatible with WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Relatively heavy

Is the Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker Right for You?

If you’re searching for a smoker that has it all, the Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is worth considering. It’s durable, easy to use, and suitable for high-temperature cooking. The 5-year warranty is great, too. On top of that, it has a sleek, professional design that’s sure to catch the attention of any barbecue lover.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to make juicy, tender ribs and the like!

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